Graphic Designing

Ever had a run-in with a graphic designer who promised you a brilliant design but all you got was a big mess?.
No, you're not an expert, but you know what's good and what's not. You also know when you're being taken advantage of. All you wanted was a website that would help you succeed online, and what you got instead wasn't worth the pixels it was painted on.
And what's worse is you have to start over. You've lost months of time, burned through thousands of dollars, hurt your business reputation, and gone through the emotional turmoil of it all, and now you have to do the whole thing over again.
Well, we're not going to let it happen again. Here are some secrets many graphic designers won't tell you, and knowing them can save you a bundle of both time and money:

Pretty doesn't count.

  • Yes, you want your design to look nice and create visual impact with visitors/ Observers, but good looks don't bring in sales.

    You don't need a redesign.

    • Someone who can analyze several elements of your site and pinpoint the problem area. These experts know all the elements, understand how they work together and how much weight each carries in the conversion equation.

      You don't need to spend a fortune.

      • Decide your budget and find graphic designers who can work within it. Look for designers that fit the style of site you'd like for your business.

      Branding is a special skill, and not all designers do it well.

      • We're assuming your target market, and what appeals to those ideal customers. We're assuming the values of your business and its marketing message. Also you can work exclusively with our graphic designers who understand branding and can develop a design that reflects your brand identity.

      Design Isn't Just about Gaphic Tool. It's about Psychology.

      • The secret to a great Design isn't in having a pretty look and some compelling content. The real secret is in psychology and consumer behaviour. Our graphic designers know color psychology and the associations make with specific shades and tones. They know what imagery will appeal to people, the type of people it'll appeal to, and why it appeals to them. They know what's going on in people's minds when they land on Design.

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